Three years ago this month, people were stunned as the veil was lifted from the highly-publicized relationship between young pop stars Rihanna and Chris Brown. The pre-GRAMMYS assault resulted in Rihanna's missing her performance and Brown pleading guilty to felony assault and receiving five years probation. There's no denying that this particular awards show holds a great deal of history and meaning for the two singers, so when it was announced yesterday that Chris Brown would also be not only attending the show but had been invited to perform in the same line-up as his former girlfriend, more than a few eyebrows were raised. 

Adding flame to the fire, recent reports allege that Brown and Rihanna spent five hours in her dressing room during a recent show rehearsal. The current question on everyone's mind is whether or not the two have reconciled and are secretly seeing one another, despite Brown's being in a relationship. Between all of the run-ins at nightclubs, obscure and wistful tweets, and now this alleged dressing room date, it seems as if something is brewing between the two ex's, but only time–or Twitter–will tell. How badly would reconciling with Brown hurt Rihanna's reputation? Or should the public simply butt out of the singers' business once and for all?