29 year old Chris Mahlangu has been sentenced to serve a life imprisonment for murdering Eugene Terreblanche. The South African farmworker had a dispute with Terreblanche over wages, which is becoming a prevalent theme in the area, but claimed self-defense in the violent exchanged that killed Terreblanche. Terreblanche, a South African White supremacist leader, co-founded the Afrikaner Resistance Movement to seek an all-White republic within South Africa. The case has been a source of racial tension in the city of Ventersdorp.

About 100 protesters sang anti-White songs outside the courtroom in the city just west of Johannesburg to support the 29-year-old Chris Mahlangu. They were opposed by 20 White protesters who carried the dummy of a Black man with a rope around his neck and a sign that said: "Hang Mahlangu." As Mahlangu was leaving the court, the protesters tied the effigy to a pick-up truck and drove around the Black crowd. The farmworker was found guilty by a judge for beating Terreblanche, 69, to death with an iron in April 2010. Mahlangu said he feels he did no wrong by ridding the world of a man some called a monster.