Chris Rock’s humor has captivated and shocked the world, but on this day it managed to reaffirm his position as one of Brooklyn’s own. The former “Saturday Night Live” star was the subject of a video recently posted on In it, Rock was confronted about his past comments about the Tea Party, but instead of going into a loudmouth rant about the times, Bed-Stuy’s baby boy refused to answer and conforted the camera man.

Where did all of this anger come from? Look no further than the man coyly asking for a picture. His name is Jason Mattera, author of Hollywood Hypocrites: The Devastating Truth About Obama’s Biggest Backers, and his confrontation with the comedian stemmed from comments Rock made in a 2011 interview that appeared in Esquire magazine. It is easy to see that the folks at Breitbart and Mr. Mattera are clutching at straws trying to find something, anything to stick their hat on.

Some have noticed racial stereotypes in Mattera’s own criticisms, especially his criticisms of President Obama. With that in mind, is this an act of “citizen journalism” or just a racially-tinged paparazzi attack?