Chris Rock received backlash over the weekend after he appeared in a 2011 clip comfortably tossing around the N-word with White comedians Louis C.K. and Ricky Gervais.

The clip is from the HBO unscripted comedy special, Talking Funny, in which the three comedians and Jerry Seinfeld reflect on their stand-up careers. The clip resurfaced on Twitter after one user shared his shock over the loss use of the racial slur.

“He is the Blackest White guy I f***ing know,” Chris Rock said about Louis C.K.

“And all the negative things we say about Black people this f***er,” he continued as he grabbed at Louis’s leg.

“You’re saying I’m a n***er?” the Louie star asked.

Rock unfazed answered, “Yes. You are the n***erest f***king White man.”

The room erupted in laughter, and Seinfeld appeared to be the only voice of reason among the men.

Louis CK and Rock continued to discuss using the word onstage. Gervais said he doesn’t mention the n-word in his bits but explicitly used it during the discussion.

Toward the tail end of the exchange, an unamused Seinfeld said, “Well, you’ve found the humor of [using that word]. I haven’t found it nor do I seek it.”

The clip brought up issues about who can and cannot use the language. Several people including Jemele Hill and Marc Lamont Hill added insight into the ongoing debate about the word that has so much history rooted in racism and oppression.

Check out the criticisms below.