Robin Thede and Chris Rock? Now, this is a pair that won’t disappoint when it comes to delivering comedy on a plate of satirical commentary.

Thede made her jokes prominently known as the first and only African-American woman in history to serve as head writer on a late-night comedy show, for Comedy Central’s Nightly Show with host Larry Wilmore. Not only was her pen game tight, but in season two, she served as both writer and performer.

And well, we all know the genius that is Chris Rock. The two have teamed up with BET for The Rundown With Robin Thede and Rock serving as the producer. Viacom, BET’s parent company has ordered 24-episodes of the late-night show, which is set to hit the air in the fall with 30-minute episodes of news satire. Thede also holds the role of co-producer of the show.

That’s right, the funny lady is in the big(ger) leagues and celebrating it (rightfully so!) on social media.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, each episode will see the comedian tackle the week’s headlines from politics to pop culture in a “fast-paced, no-holds-barred how that will feature social commentary, sketch comedy and pop culture parodies.”

“I worked with Robin on the BET Awards the year before I did the Oscars and thought she was a little too good to be in the writers’ room; I thought she could be in front of the camera, too. I thought that show went really well and a lot of it was thanks to her,” Rock said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. “I always say when you’re dealing with talent on this type of show, the talent has to actually have the ability to run the show, too. It’s not enough to just be funny and smart; you have to kind of be a producer anyway. This was a no-brainer in that sense: hiring someone who is good and funny in front of the camera and amazing behind the camera. Robin is really talented and she deserves a shot. I’m happy BET stepped up and think people are going to like her.”

The series is also a moment for BET, as it marks the platforms entry back into the late-night space since The Mo’Nique Show in 2009.

Catch one of Thede’s hilarious bits from the Nightly Show below.