Chrisette Michele recently took to Instagram to vent about backlash she received after performing for President Donald Trump’s inauguration, saying the stress of it all led to a miscarriage and thoughts of suicide.

She even went so far as to share a graphic photo that was later revealed to belong to someone else. Today, she explained herself to The Breakfast Club.

“It wasn’t mine. When what was happening to me, was happening to me, I didn’t think to take a photo. But many women did and many women post their photos on different web sites to see what’s going on in their body….I wanted people to know the severity of what I experienced so I put something up to show it.”

She went on to say performing for Trump was “a bad choice” that she absolutely regrets.

“I regret everything that happened. I think that was a bad choice. I knew that he wasn’t a good choice for the presidency…but there’s always got to be some sense of hope. That message on the stage was at the wrong time and the wrong place and I apologize deeply for the people that I hurt.”

Check out the full interview below.