Gossip blogs often cite “unnamed insiders” or “anonymous tips” in an attempt to protect their sources when it comes to exclusive content, a move many celebrities despise. While some reports can be complete fabrications by a publication, celebs take notice when the story actually hits close to home, meaning someone in their inner circle is likely feeding information to the press.

After a recent E! News article detailing Chrissy Teigen’s pregnancy cravings hit Twitter, the model replied to the post asking the entertainment news site to give up its source so she could rid her crew of “sh*tty friends.”

The article in question states a source close to Mrs. Legend told E! that “her cravings are out of control during this time around and she has no discipline. Chrissy loves cheeseburgers, french fries, chips and anything fried or spicy.”

The source also dished on the Teigen’s progress, saying “Chrissy is loving being pregnant again. She loves to joke about how kids are a burden and wishes she could have a drink with her friends, but is truly is excited to be able to have the chance to have another child. So far, everything is going smoothly with the pregnancy and they have already started to prepare the room for their baby boy.”

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