Christina Milian is a single mom who wears many hats.  A recording artist, working on her next album and just signed with YMCMB, she is also the social media correspondent for the hit show, The Voice and the designer of a swimsuit line.  However, the most important title that she wears is ‘mommy’ to her gorgeous two-year-old, Violet. As we sat down to chat, I let her know that her face should be next to title ‘Superwoman’ in the dictionary, because she is balancing it ALL with such style and grace. Christina realizes that she does a lot, joking that her attention span forces her to work on multiple projects.

Let’s find out what this supermom does to balance, work, staying in shape and spending lots of quality time with her little one.

EBONY: So how do you balance it ALL?

CM:  I have always been a multitasker, when it comes to my career; I’ve been an actress, a singer and everything because I love to do what I do.  We manage between my team, my management, we find a way for me to be able do everything I love and pursue all my dreams at the same time.  As a mom, that’s at the forefront of everything in my mind, so I’m always trying to balance.  Whether its bringing Violet to work or the second I am done working, getting home to her.  Even if I am just sleeping with her or just watching cartoons in bed, I know Violet values that.  I try to make the most of every moment and just make it special with her, because its what matters to me most.  When its time to go off to work, or workout, I have a great support system, a great nanny and friends who offer to help out whenever they can.

EBONY: Does she get to come often to studio or the set of The Voice with you?

CM: I actually don’t bring her to the studio too often, because the whole creative process is happening and [when] she wants to play on the piano, it can be a little distracting.  For example, if I am in the booth she wants to be in the booth with me.  I have actually brought her in the booth with me before and tried to record, but she kept singing along with whatever I was singing and it picked up on the mic. So the few times she has come I will usually take a break from what I am doing and play music with her…she comes by The Voice and it’s very family friendly, everybody brings their kids all the time.

EBONY: As an NBA wife, I often clarify misconceptions about my lifestyle and how I ‘have it easy.’ Do you ever get that being in the entertainment industry?

CM:  I haven’t heard too many misconceptions, but some how when you do manage to see me out and about doing what I do, even if it is going out or something that could even be a job.  So if there is a misconception that my life is easy or like I just go shopping, it’s usually that I am having a meeting at a place where you can go shopping.  Otherwise I would say most people have been understanding of what its like for me being a single mom and that I am very active in my daughter’s life.

EBONY: You look amazing and you got back into pre-baby shape very quickly. You lost 27 lbs in 30 days! What did you do and can we bottle it? (Laughs)

CM:  (Laughs) Thank you! I would say portion control. With a new baby, I was so active, drinking a lot of water.  Eating a lot of salads, with beans, turkey, chicken, things that would make me full and small portions of pasta.

EBONY:  Is there anything you absolutely swear by when it comes to getting in shape?

CM:  A lot of cardio, drinking a ton of water, breastfeeding, hiking in the hills and go for walks… and I had to watch what I was eating.  Because the eating was what kept the 15 pounds on that I was trying to get off towards the end [which] wouldn’t come off because I was still eating regular and like I normally would, and I wasn’t doing the two at the same time. If you want to get the weight off you have to do both.

EBONY:  What do you do or say now as a mom that you said you would never do?

CM:  That’s a good question… She hasn’t gotten to that age yet where I’m like, ‘Oh I would never do what my mom did.’ Let me think…  well, she’s eating french fries now and she likes french fries.  And I was like, “Don’t feed my daughter french fries” (laughs) but its one of those things you do what your child wants because it makes them happy, so I give her unhealthy food every now and then, but she still eats regular good food all the time.

EBONY: Just a little treat here and there, never hurts. (Laughs) So what can we expect from Ms. Milian in the near future?

CM: In the near future, other than I am working on an album, I am working on The Voice, I have a swimwear line coming out in 2013 that I pretty much been working on all summer for promoting it for next year, and its called Havana Nights by Nicolita, working on designing and meeting buyers and getting it in stores.

Audrey Griffin is a wife, mother of four, inspiring educator and parenting lifestyle consultant. Visit her website, check her out on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.