After recently blowing out the candles on her cake for her 34th birthday, it’s pretty clear that Christina Milian’s wishes are coming true. She just celebrated her b-day September 26; she shares a beautiful daughter with singer/producer, The-Dream; and she’s got an album and reality show coming down the pipeline. 

Even when it seemed like heartache would take the Afro-Cuban beauty out (it was announced that she’d split with boyfriend Lil Wayne recently), she seems to be getting along just fine. Milian was just spotted frolicking in the waves of Miami Beach, jet-setting with her bestie, Karrucha Tran. recently spoke all things Christina with her: about how she’s handling her break up with Weezy, and exactly how turned up she’s going to get in season 2 of her reality show. 

EBONY: You recently hosted the red carpet arrivals at the Emmys where Viola Davis made that amazing speech. What were your thoughts?

Christina Milian: It’s incredible. Women, we’re all coming together. I think it’s enlightening how much we’re able to empower each other, and I think it brought tears to all of our eyes. So it’s just incredible all these opportunities that I feel we’re bringing for each other, and it is up to us at the end of the day.

EBONY: You have your EP Like Me coming out October 30. What’s the meaning behind the title?

CM: I just feel like I’m a different woman when it comes to relationships. It’s a four-song EP, so it’s really kind of dealt around my relationship in the past year and just how I feel like I’m a different woman [with] how I work, how I deal with family, with friends, with relationships. I go in full with my heart. I’m very passionate, and I care about the people that are around me. So it’s all about life as a woman like me; just who I am.

EBONY: Do you find that listening to the songs now is a bit bittersweet, being that you’ve broken up with your ex, Lil Wayne?

CM: Not at all… not at all. I’m actually fine. A lot of people are insinuating to my relationship, but he and I are actually really good. So we’ve shot a video called “Do It” which I’m really excited about, and things are normal. I think we just have differences sometimes and we have to figure out for ourselves the right thing instead of always trying to figure it out together. Because sometimes it just gets messy. 

EBONY: Better friends than lovers?

CM: Right now it is, yes.

EBONY: Your reality show Turned Up is coming back. What can we expect for season 2, more “Tina Turn Up?”

CM: Yes definitely! To the next level, oh my gosh! Turned Up season 2 is going to be crazy, November 3 is the date. My family and I just had a ton of fun. It’s crazy! There’s so many different stories, and we had one-hour long episodes, so you can imagine how they filled up that time with how much going on in a two-month period of time. It was really cool. We talk about our relationships, things that go on with the family, with my sister, everything, and it’s just very real. 

Crystal Shaw King is a seasoned TV, radio and online entertainment writer. She's also a contributing editor for a social justice foundation in Los Angeles. Follow her on Twitter @crystalamberbam.