Chuck Brown, born Charles Louis Brown, died today at the John Hopkins University hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. He was 75.

Brown, a singer-songwriter, performer, guitarist was considered the "Godfather of Go-Go", a music-genre based in Washington, D.C. "Go-Go" music widely served as a paramount musical accompaniment to Black D.C. for decades. The "Go-Go" sound is often coupled with a dance step, and has become over time, intrinsically tied to the cultural identity of Black D.C.

Brown's "Go-Go" music was a repeated percussion sound, blending songs together. The musical beat—with Brown as its principal leader—galvanized the Black D.C. community, integrating "call-and-response", getting crowds around the city— and ultimately the nation hyped to get on the dance floor.

The late performer was most known for his signature single "Bustin Loose' —which spent four weeks atop the R&B singles chart in 1978.

The performer's influence reached groups like EU—whose wildly popular dance hit "Da Butt" brought the "Go-Go" sound to the clubs. Spike Lee featured the group in his iconic film School Daze.

Brown was born on August 22, 1936 and is originally from Gaston, N.C.