Atlanta songstress Ciara is proudly showing off her long natural hair after fearing it would never grow back following severe damage from relaxers.

The artist took to Instagram to reveal her natural hair, sans wig or weave, to the masses, revealing that a perm she received years ago caused her hair to fall out, making her hair journey even more meaningful.

"The first time I got a relaxer when I was young, it took out my hair. I was devastated. I never thought my hair would grow back. So proud ❤️," wrote the "Greatest Love" singer."

"Alright you guys, I just took my hair down from my two pigtails, and I'm so proud because my hair is growing, yay! I'll tell you guys the secrets later," she said with a laugh. The dancing diva rocked pigtails while shooting promotional photos for new label and online challenge, #BeautyMarks.