Whether you love the above images or are on #Team2Much, you have to admit it is an interesting picture that artistically tells the story of all four members of a blended family—little Future, Ciara, Russell Wilson and the newlyweds’ soon-to-be newborn— being connected. It’s cute. It’s a little over the top. But one thing is for certain: The Wilsons are a happy clan. And they deserve it. While a lot of focus is placed on Ciara’s ex, lets not forget that Russell had his own drama with ex-wife, Ashton Meem. The couple is truly a possibility model of what it looks like to move on. Here’s why:

They focused on building a healthy bond. The couple received a lot of attention for delaying sexual intimacy until after marriage, but it’s the duo that had the last laugh. Without sex as a buffer to deal with rough times, or a distraction during the good moments, they were able to connect on a deeper level. The pair learned how to communicate effectively, read each other and were forced to be vulnerable. This sex-free time period definitely heightened their friendship, the biggest indicator of a successful marriage.

They put the little one(s) first. Ciara deserves much props for selecting a man who would choose to embrace her son as “theirs”. Similarly, Russell has dealt well with the not-so-shocking push back from his wife’s ex-fiance, rapper Future, who has lashed out about his son spending time with a father-figure. Despite the challenges, the couple has remained consistent in emphasizing the importance of baby Future feeling loved, supported and wanted by all of the adults who are now part of his village. And the photo (above right) proves they want all of their children to understand they are on the same team.

They’ve created relationships rituals. Whether it’s date nights or stealing kisses, the Wilsons periodically chronicle the habits they’ve created to dote on each other. Perhaps most important, they show up for each other. Studies show that couples who spend quality time together, exchange daily affection and have a strong friendship have an increased chance of maintaining their happily ever after. #Message

They enjoy the “moments”.  Life is a journey and all couples will have highs and lows. The Wilsons have already faced challenges and their decision to remain positive doesn’t just fare well with the press, it creates a palpable energy for their very real lives. They are often pictured or recorded laughing, smiling and generally celebrating their relationship. And that’s what matters most.