Martin Luther King Jr. weekend is a special time for those in the Black community. A time to reflect on how far we have come and how far we need to go regarding civil rights. But, every year the uneducated come out of the woodworks with statements that let us know they don’t read, value our history, or they see this weekend as press/photo opportunity.

We decided to collect the biggest social media fails that occurred MLK weekend. Starting with D-list celebrity Rob Schneider.

Rob, literally no one cares about any opinion you have regarding politics.

Of all people…Steve Harvey?

But Harvey took to his radio show to explain why he attended the meeting. Click here to check out what he had to say.

We aren’t quite sure what Martin Luther King III spoke about during his meeting with Donald Trump. All we can do is pray for a positive outcome.

Mike Pence spent the weekend in Washington, D.C at the Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial. Quite obvious, a press and photo opportunity for the Vice President-Elect.

We don’t need Gov. LePage giving John Lewis a history lesson.

Day 4 of Donald Trump throwing jabs at Rep John Lewis’ way.