Tristan Wilds, perhaps better known as Mack Wilds,  is a modern day renaissance man. From a thriving acting career to his successful turn as a rappers/singer,  the Staten Island representative is a superstar in the making—and he's bringing his signature sense of style with him to the top. We caught up with Wilds to discuss his massive collection of limited edition sneakers and his plans for 2014.

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EBONY: Would you describe yourself as a sneakerhead?

TW: Haha! Yes, I’m a sneakerhead because I love sneakers. I fell in love with them from the time I was a kid growing up in the hood. Now I have about 200+ pairs.

EBONY: What is your favorite pair of kicks and why?

TW: My favorite pair would probably be my OG Cement Jordan 3's, which was my first pair of Air Jordans ever.

EBONY: What are some of your favorite sneaker shops?

TW: Undefeated [which is all over California, Las Vegas and Japan], Flight Club in New York City and RIF in Los Angeles. There's a few more I can't just name off the top of my head, but they offer the premium level kicks. Some of the price points may be a little high, but you always get what you pay for.

EBONY: What was your first pair of covetable kicks?

TW: The 08' Black History Month AF1's (Air Force Ones). I was an AF1 head, and I got them as a gift. I was amazed by the level of thought that went into the packaging as well at the creation of the actual sneaker. And plus, having everyone hate that you have them definitely helps make them covetable.

EBONY: What sneakers are you looking to purchase this summer?

TW: I've been looking to go the more high fashion route. I like the silhouettes that Givenchy and Saint Laurent offer, or possibly a pair of Maison Martin Margiela kicks.

EBONY: What was your most expensive sneaker purchase?

TW: My Air Yeezy 2s. They are beautiful in every way, but damaging to the pockets if you didn't pick them up when they were first released.

EBONY: How do you take care of your kicks?

TW: You have to keep them clean, wipe them down, and yeah, I have special boxes so I can see what is in each one!

EBONY: What other projects do you have in the works for 2014?

TW: Well, I'm just staying creative on all levels. So just expect more music, more visuals, more poetry, maybe more TV and film (Grins.) Just stay tuned. It's about to get real crazy.

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-Ericka Goodman