When it comes to Black and Brown people, we’re often overlooked during festival time. Never fret. As you get ready for Coachella, Lollapalooza, Pitchfork and more, we’ve joined forces with Instagram and Instagram influencers to get your ready for an unforgettable season.

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Maya coachella festival season

Maya June is a youngin’ originally from Nashville, Tennessee, currently residing on the West Coast and getting her undergraduate degree at The Evergreen State College. She is studying the intersection of the art world and prison system. In hopes that by the time she leaves this world, more people will feel like they don’t have to be an “artist” in order to express themselves creatively.

Maya’s must-have festival tech items: If you’ve got a cell phone, you should probably invest in a portable cell charger. You’re going to be taking tons of pictures, texting/air dropping them to your friends, editing and uploading them onto Instagram, which will drain your battery. There may be charging stations at the festival you’re going to, however, those will be stationary and some of them may cost money. A portable charger can be as cheap as $6 and if you can afford that, it’s definitely worth it!

Festival season beauty tips: 

  1. Get a spray bottle from the dollar store. Fill it up ⅘ of the way with water and ⅕ with your favorite leave in conditioner, hair mask, or moisturizer. Shake it up so the product mixes with the water and spray all over your hair. Whenever you notice your hair is getting dry, this is a great and easy way to bring it back to life, especially since showers can be sparse and/or expensive at festivals, and packing an entire container of product may be cumbersome. You can fill your bottles with rose water, essential oils, or aloe for a refreshing, cooling mist for your skin.
  2. SUNSCREEN. There’s a common misconception that melanin is a kind of built-in sunscreen, but in reality, people with darker skin are still susceptible to sun damage. Unsun Cosmetics is a really cool brand that makes natural sunscreen that is made specifically for people with dark skin and doesn’t leave a white residue on your skin after you apply it.
  3. Menstrual cups! If you’re a person that gets a period, you might want to investigate using a menstrual cup. At festivals, clean bathrooms can be few and far between, and using disposable menstrual products can be a hassle.  If you’re planning on using a menstrual cup at a festival, make sure you’ve practiced putting it in and taking it out before, so you’re not facing the learning curve for the first time in a port-o-potty. It’s also a good idea to keep toilet paper or napkins in your backpack, fanny pack, or purse because TP can be scarce at festivals.

How to keep up with friends during a festival: Group messages are always great, however, some festivals are in the middle of nowhere and sometimes Sprint won’t come thru with iMessage or WhatsApp. Be sure to turn your notifications on, but it’s also a good idea to have an agreed on meeting up place, that everyone in your group knows to go to in case someone gets lost in the sauce.

Instagram: @MayaJune


Justina coachella festival season

Justina Sharp is 19-year-old fashion/pop culture blogger and commentator from Sacramento, CA.

Justina’s must-have festival tech items: Battery power is nearly always in short supply, and at a festival, it feels like it goes twice as fast. I have a Mophie Juice Pack case that has saved my Instagram shots more than once. It’s an absolute essential, even for the days after the party ends.

Festival season beauty tips: 

1. Keep it simple – I think “festival looks” can be a double-edged sword. They’re usually super cute, but they can also be really complicated, and that means they lose their luster after a few hours under the sun. Glitter tears are cute until they start melting and you have glitter in your eyes.
2. Keep it moisturized – it’s so important to have well-hydrated skin, and you want to make sure you’re thinking about that when you’re getting ready in the morning. Give your skin time to absorb a thick layer of moisturizer, drink some water, and keep makeup as light as possible.
3. Have fun with it – simple never has to mean boring, and bright eye shadows, shimmery lip glosses, and your favorite false lashes should all make appearances if that’s what you want to do. Festivals are all about seeing what’s fresh, and that includes beauty looks!

How to keep up with friends during a festival: You probably already have a group chat with your friends – just make sure everyone’s involved. Instagram is great for that because you can send each other photos, just in case you’re having difficulty locating “the porta-potty next to the big statue that kinda looks like a butterfly”.

Instagram: @abentpieceofwire

Website: abentpieceofwire.com

Nesrin coachella festival season

Nesrin Danan is a 21-year-old music and lifestyle photographer from Portland, Oregon. Her job involves travel and festivals so I’ve kind of become a pro at these things! 🙂

Nesrin’s must-have tech items: Obviously my iPhone, a portable charger, and disposable cameras. When I’m not shooting on my professional camera these are my absolute go-to items; they make festivals easy, fun and help me capture so many memories.

Festival season beauty tips: As far as beauty tips, wearing sunscreen is my number one! Being out in the sun all day really takes a toll on your skin so I like to protect mine as much as possible (face sunscreen and lip balm are important too!). I also deep condition my hair before and after a festival weekend; your head will thank you after 3 days out in the sun and dirt. I think my third beauty tip would be to have fun with your festival style! Anything goes at festivals, so this is the time to try out some crazy looks. Glitter, rhinestones, sequins, velvet.. go for it and have fun!

How to keep up with friends during a festival: My favorite way to keep up with my friends at festivals is definitely through IG stories and live streams. I love seeing all my friends’ different points of view at festivals in cute boomerangs and videos, and if I’m trying to find them it always helps when they tag their location haha. Updating my story throughout the day is so fun too and I love sharing my experience with all my followers! That’s for sure the best way to keep tabs on me 🙂

Instagram: @BlackPrints 
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