A week after becoming the face of the 30th anniversary of Nike’s “Just Do It” ad, Colin Kaepernick announced he would be selling jerseys to support a charitable cause. Although detractors of the former NFL player-turned-activist try to sully his name, it appears to be more powerful than ever. The “#ImWithKap” jerseys sold out within hours of the presale on Monday, according to Sports Illustrated.

Kaepernick’s surname is becoming a buzzword and with good reason. The former San Francisco 49ers has risked his entire professional career to bring awareness to police brutality and other racial inequalities. Despite that, he’s still using his platform to help other. He said that 20 percent of the proceeds from the jerseys would benefit the Know Your Rights Campaign, a free campaign to raise awareness on self-empowerment.

The adult and youth jerseys were $174.99 and $99.99, respectively. After they sold out, Kaepernick posted that all the money would go toward the foundation. There is no word on if the athletic shirts will be restocked, but shipment for the orders is scheduled for Oct. 5.

While colleges drop Nike for aligning themselves with Kaepernick, others are speaking out in support of the move including LeBron James. The former quarterback’s collusion lawsuit against the NFL and several owners has been allowed to proceed by a judge.