One high-ranking member of the U.S. military reportedly counseled the Baltimore Ravens’ head coach in reference to signing Colin Kaepernick.

TMZ reports that the official is not a fan of Kaepernick and when news of Ravens head coach John Harbaugh signing the free agent before the 2017 NFL season went viral, he sought advice from a few trusted confidants.

According to the media outlet, at least one of those advisers is a high-ranking military official who told Harbaugh to “seriously consider” if Kaepernick’s national anthem protests aligned with the core values of the team.

According to TMZ, the official didn’t blatantly advise against signing the quarterback, but did tell Harbaugh to be give Kaepernick a set of guidelines he needed to follow in order to keep his job.

Ultimately, the Ravens decided against going with Kaepernick. Instead they signed journeyman backup quarterback Thad Lewis to the team.