NFL star Colin Kaepernick has been receiving a mix of support and criticism following his choice to sit while his teammates stand during the national anthem.

It’s a bold move but also one that solidifies his stance as it relates to the unjust incidents against Black people taking place, repeatedly, in society.

Among those who choose to take the “All Lives Matter” route are former NFL athletes Jerry Rice and Tiki Barber.

When asked his thoughts on the San Francisco 49ers quarterback’s choice of action, Rice, a Hall of Fame wide receiver who played for the ‘Niners declared:

During an interview with CBS, Barber, the former New York Giants running back candidly expressed why he disagrees with Kaepernick’s protest. “There are issues in this country. That you have to commend him for. But I don’t commend him for sitting and not honoring this country and our flag,” Barber said.

In Kaepernick’s reasoning for opposing the national anthem, he discusses the contradictions of the anthem in relation to reality.
“This country stands for freedom, liberty and justice for all. It’s not happening for all right now. It needs to change,” Kaepernick said.

Once Twitter got tuned-in to Rice and Barber’s statements, they let loose and expressed their thoughts on the former NFL athletes’ point-of-view.

Predictably, Barber got dragged.

Jerry Rice is receiving his share of Twitter slaughter as well…