Mark Geragos, attorney of Colin Kaepernick, said that two AFC teams could be interested in signing the quarterback during an interview with TMZ on Thursday.

Geragos was asked whether Kaepernick would return to the NFL for the current season. “I would just say stay tuned, that next week there may be some news,” he replied.

Although Kaepernick isn’t playing for the league, the TMZ reporter asked if Colin watches the games. Geragos revealed his client is watching the Miami Dolphins to support Kenny Stills, who is kneeling during the national anthem.

The Dolphins are not who the former 49’er could sign to according to Geragos. “I’ve got two other teams that will remain nameless.”

While he didn’t offer names later in the interview, he dropped clues. Geragos offered up the potentials by saying, “If Al Davis was still alive,” and “You know who Meek Mill was visited by when he was in custody?”

Davis was the owner of the Oakland Raiders, and it was Robert Kraft, chief executive officer of the New England Patriots,  who visited the rapper in jail.

Geragos could be hinting at the Raiders and Patriots being interested in Kaepernick. However, his track record is low. Last year, he predicted the quarterback would be signed ten days after an interview, which didn’t happen.