A bright future awaited Devon Wade, a Columbia University Ph.D. student. But the 28-year-old’s life was cut short on Sunday after a dispute with his boyfriend.

Mario Jerrell Williams, 29, visited Wade at his Houston home. The Daily Mail reports that Williams was told to leave the residence but shortly returned. Williams, who turned himself into local police on Monday, said Wade punched him and chased him down the stairwell when Williams shot the man.

After hearing gunfire, the student’s brother and housemate, Stephen Wade, discovered his sibling on the floor bleeding. He said he saw someone who resembled Williams running away on their security camera.

Devon Wade, a graduate of Louisiana State University, was pursuing his doctoral degree at Columbia. While in New York City, he studied racial and socioeconomic inequality’s impact on incarceration.

His alma mater released a statement on Tuesday in light of the news of his death.

“The LSU community is mourning the tragic loss of alumnus Devon Wade,” read the statement obtained by WAFB. “He was an accomplished student at LSU, participating in the Ronald McNair Research Scholars program and receiving the prestigious Truman Scholarship. We had been watching his academic career flourish as he pursued his Ph.D. at Columbia. He had a great future ahead of him and will be missed by all who knew him.”

Williams was being held on $100,000 bond.