A teacher at a private school in Colorado was fired after he spoke openly about a “racist culture” at the school, parents and students say.

Faith Christian Academy, a private high school in Arvada, Co. near Denver, is under criticism for dismissing Gregg Tucker, a former teacher and chaplain, after he held discussions after reported racial incidents, according to Denver7.

Tucker wrote an open letter to the school community and explained why he felt that a dialogue needed to take place.

“The urgency of addressing it was really brought to light a little over a year ago when we had a number of disturbing instances of racism here at the high school,” Tucker wrote. “they were blatant, unsettling, and had a profound impact on how many of our minority students were feeling at the school.”

A teacher allegedly referred to a student as “blackie,” and students supposedly told a black student to “go back to the cotton fields, wrote an essay saying whites were the superior race and another wore a swastika at the school, according to reports.

Tucker had looked into the events and scheduled a panel discussion last August, per reports.

Following the event, upset parents went to the school board and reportedly complained that the kids “were exposed to terms like “white privilege,” and that talking about racism was “too political for a Christian school education.”

He was let go a month later.

The school denied the claim that Tucker was fired due to conversations about racism and that they looked into the matter and could not verify if those incidents occurred, reports Denver7.

“We absolutely do not tolerate racist behavior – and we do take strong action when substantiated incidents occur,” said Superintendent Andrew Hasz in a letter to parents of Faith Christian Academy.

Tucker’s attorney told the news network are looking into their legal options.