Chicago MC Common and political commentator Angela Rye have been a rumored couple for months, with neither confirming nor denying the whispers, until now.

The Oscar-winning rapper recently shared with SiriusXM’s Bevy Smith that he and Rye are the real thing and that he’s a lucky man to have locked down the hard-working activist.

“Yes, there’s definitely a connection with Angela Rye. She’s a wonderful woman. And you know, I’ll just say I’m dating. I’m happy right now. She’s an incredible human being.”

Continuing to gush over the CNN correspondent, he added, “That’s the good thing about Angela, too, she’s just a fun person. She’s obviously is about the mission and about the people… Just because you’re conscious and aware don’t mean you got to not have fun. You’re still going to kick it, ’cause that’s part of me too.”

Just last month, the 45-year-old musician took home a Creative Arts Emmy for his song, “Letter to The Free,” which was featured in Ava DuVernay’s 13th documentary.

In addition to hitting the red carpet together, Rye wrote a lengthy and very sweet congratulatory message to the multi-talented entertainer on Instagram.

“Super proud of this guy for having a big #EGO, which is not to be confused with a big ego. Here he is giving thanks to the Almighty for his Emmy just like he does for taking every breath, every single day.”

She continued, “I’m thankful for his tremendous example of humility, leadership, kindness, and creativity. May we all be inspired to #WORKwoke. #heisSOdope #itsjustthebeginning #TonyhereheCOMES #soblessed Prov. 3:5-6.”