When Souls of Mischief dropped the classic song ’93 Til Infinity, hip hop culture went crazy. The beat had a funky jazz vibe that brought ease to the soul and invited the listener to just chill out and rock to the lyrical.

It provided an essence to 90s hip-hop – crowned as the golden era. That same sentiment is now the center of a new comedy series heading to Fox.

The series, titled 93 Til Infinity, is a single-camera buddy sitcom that centers on a dope Black rapper from the 90s’ who is trying to make his presence and legacy in the music game resonate with the current state of society.

While figuring out his next chapter, he reconnects with is White best friend from boyhood, struggles with family and real responsibilities and is, basically, in need of a serious midlife reboot.

93 Til Infinity is the brainchild of How To Make it in America creator Ian Elderman. Rapper/actor, Common has signed on to executive produce the project alongside Thomas Kail, who directed the award-winning stage productions, Hamilton and Grease: Live!

Further production details have yet to be released, but, we’ll be sure to keep you looped as information rolls out!