For the first time in Walmart’s history a Black-owned bottle company selling alkaline water will grace its shelves, First Coast News reports.

Live Alkaline Water, founded by Dr. Shayla Creer and Robert McCray, is being sold at a Walmart store in North Carolina.

McCray’s family has owned the natural alkaline water spring for more than 100 years and he decided to work with Creer to create the water company.

“I called… many Walmarts, and finally we got a hold of one who allowed us to do a presentation,” Dr. Creer told First Coast News.

The brand’s success in the first month of availability in Walmart led to it sold in three different Walmart locations on Florida.

According to Black Enterprise, “the water is sourced from a natural underground spring, an aquifer, and a mineral rock bed that lies 800 feet below the ground making it extremely pure and fresh to the taste.”

“Healthy people make a healthy community,” McCray told First Coast News. “Eat right, drink right and you begin to think right, as a people.”

Live Alkaline Water is also sold online.

Check out a video of the news report below.