Okay, the question of the hour: would you rock a bag donned with condom wrappers?

Maybe, or maybe not, but supporting this cause wouldn’t hurt us women not one bit. Creator of the bags (and leader of the I’m Covered campaign) Maggie Kervick decided she would find a way to empower women to carry condoms proudly, by means of fashion. For her, the bags, which are covered in LifeStyle SKYN brand condoms (Maggie’s sponsor), are an easy way to help women let go of the shame usually associated with carrying condoms. There’s always been a stigma that if a man carries condoms, he’s prepared. But if a woman does, she’s promiscuous. For Maggie, that stigma was full of crap, leading to her chic creation of BagsByMags.

In addition to helping empower women, BagsByMags supports the national organization dedicated to providing youth with sex education, Answer. Answer has reached hundreds of thousands of youth for the last 30 years, advocating for positive sexual health and providing resources for those in need.

The bags come in tote, cosmetic or wristlet styles, and with each purchase, you’ll receive a free sample of LifeStyle SKYN condoms.

Now ladies, they may not exactly be your go-to bag for the weekend. But we have to give credit where credit is due. This is a cool idea and the cause is so empowering.

You let us know: would you rock them?