Homophobic, censorious advocacy group and righteous bunch of trolls One Million Moms is back with another important cause. The group, which is run by the anti-gay American Family Association, concerns itself primarily with waging "media campaigns" against evils like the Geico pig, whose commercials they claimed promoted bestiality, and protesting virtually every show on TV for being somehow blasphemous, lustful or something else fun. This week they're feeling salty about Black Jesus, Adult Swim's new show from the Boondocks creator about, you guessed it, a Black Jesus who lives in Compton and doesn't mind a little weed now and again.

One rather suspects it's the "Black" part that One Million Moms really objects to, but they insist it's the foul language and the show's "making a mockery of our Lord." (They also seem upset that Black Jesus lives in Compton Gardens, a subdivision in Compton, and which is depicted as chock-full of, in their words, "violence, gunfire and other inappropriate gestures which completely misrepresent Jesus.")