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jasmine merlette

Jasmine Merlette

Xavier University of Louisiana

Additional Information

Hometown: Alpharetta, Georgia
Year in School: Senior
Major/Minor: Psychology Major with a Chemistry Minor
Expected Graduation: 2016
Extracurricular Activities: Student Government Association Executive Board, NAACP, Teaching Young Children (TYC), Psychology Club, Psychology Club Community Service Chair, Peer Dean Association, Peer Dean Planning Committee Logistics Coordinator, Xavier Activities Board, Xavier Activities Board Special Events Chair, Springfest Publicity Co-Chair, Celebration on the Yard Homecoming Committee Member since freshmen year, Member of Psi Chi (International Honors Society for Psychology), Ambassador Girl Scout of America, Gold Award Recipient, President’s Volunteer Service Award, Gifted and XU Award from XU Girls Rock, Hypest Peer Dean Award and Funniest Peer Dean Award from Peer Dean Association, Clutch Member Award from Xavier Activities Board, Teaching Young Children (TYC) Volunteer of the Semester Award
Leisure Activities: Singing like Beyonce, trying to slay like my spirit animal Solange, playing tennis and the violin, volunteering with children, playfully teasing my family, friends, and my dog Chip, eating good food with seasoning, reading books that empower the mind, watching my twin spongebob and laughing until my abs hurt.
Career Goals: My aspiration in life is to inspire the next generation of great minds. How would I do this? By dedicating my life to children, first working as an elementary school teacher, and then becoming a pediatrician. As cliche as it sounds, I want to help the black community by educating our youth in having strong and healthy minds and bodies. I hope to help instill in them good habits -- academically, mentally, physically and emotionally. In many respects this is an extension of the work I did for my Girl Scout Gold Award in high school and is my life's calling. If not me, then who?
What is your most memorable contribution as a Campus Queen?: I feel my most memorable contribution as a Campus Queen is that I have made it my duty and number one priority to support everyone. My campaign platform was J.A.S, Just Another Student. Although being Queen sets me apart at times, I am still like everyone else. It is imperative that I am inclusive of all students on campus, regardless of academic majors, interests or cultures. I support fellow students in their athletic programs , research presentations, and volunteering opportunities. I have received nothing but positive feedback as remain visible and approachable during my reign. It makes me happy to know that my campus and community know that I am all for Xavier and every Xavierite.