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natalie berry

Natalie Berry

Kentucky State University

Additional Information

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Year in School: Senior
Major/Minor: Child Development
Expected Graduation: 2016
Extracurricular Activities: Student Ambassadors and Student Government Association
Leisure Activities: During my free time I like to catch up on any queen work that needs to be done; I like to nap or spend time with my friends.
Career Goals: My passion is to help young children. I enjoy helping them to develop and grow into the person they want to be. I am also passionate about helping families understand how to assist with their child development; I plan to fulfill that passion by obtaining licensure in Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy to assist children with special needs.
What is your most memorable contribution as a Campus Queen?: My most memorable contribution as a campus queen is recruiting future thorobreds and exemplifying the love I have for Kentucky State University and helping them formulate the same love.