Ashley Everett, a multi-talented lead dancer for Beyonce shares on how her dreams came true with hard work and dedication and what it is like working with Ne-Yo, Tina Turner and Usher.

EBONY: What is it that you do for a living? Describe in full detail. What are your day-to-day tasks? 

Ashley Everett: Well I am a professional dancer. I’m all over the place. I live in LA and I audition and I do a whole bunch of different dance jobs from award shows and videos to performances with artists. Every job that I do, I have rehearsals, so I always feel like I’m living in rehearsal. It’s not like having a nine to five. My day can go from like noon to ten at night or ten to ten; it kind of depends.

EBONY: Describe the absolute coolest part of your workday. 

AE: A cool thing that I get to do is be around celebrities.  They are normal people just like you and me. But, working with different artists  and seeing them in a rehearsal is pretty cool .

EBONY: Oprah once said that at her core, she is a teacher. What do you consider yourself to be at your core?

AE: I love to give back and inspire people and show that it is possible to pursue your dreams. Dreams do come true because mine have already. I come from being a dancer and being an entertainer so I guess I would say I’m an entertainer who likes to inspire. 

EBONY: What are some initial reactions when people find out what you do? What do they say? What are their expressions?

AE: People react the most when they find out that I’ve been in Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video. Maybe I don’t realize how big of a video it was, but people freak out. They’re like oh my god, you met Chris Brown? You worked with Ne-Yo? You performed with Tina Turner and Beyonce? You dance with Beyonce all the time, that’s crazy. People get star struck over that.

EBONY: Any advice to someone considering going into your line of work? 

AE: It’s really important to train and take classes and take as many different styles of dance that you can so that you can be a versatile dancer. The more you can do, the more you will work in this industry. It makes people want to book you on different things if you can do all of these different styles. I think it’s really important for  anyone who wants to be a dancer to take as many classes as they can and learn from as many people as they can. You should soak it all in and apply it.

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