Going bald is one of the toughest transitions men go through. While some have no problem shaving their heads, others take other “going natural” methods including hats, lower haircuts, hair dye spray and even, most recently, lace fronts! (Yikes!)

As a proud bald man for the last 10 years, I’m constantly looking for the best product for not only shaving my head, but keeping it healthy, shiny and bump free.


Recently I came across a brand that serves to provide quality product to those who have a shaved head. Dome Care Solutions is unique as the first and only line of anti-aging grooming products developed specifically for men who shave their heads.

The company was started by a couple, Richard and Deserie Sjouwke. Richard’s hair started to thin in his 20s, and the options of hair plugs and the like were not desirable. His wife Deserie, a veteran in the cosmetic industry, collaborated with her husband on this shaving product specifically for bald men.

“Each product was carefully formulated to include an array of multifunctional ingredients proven to improve the function and appearance of skin,” Deserie says. “What’s left out of each formula is just as important. All products are ultra-gentle and free from fragrance, coloring agents, and irritants.”

Check out some of their other products here.

Chris Law