Not only is Stefon Diggs known for his prowess on the football field, but he's also known as having a style game that is on point. His love for fashion and grooming began in elementary school, but he was never satisfied with the looks that his mother would pick out for him to wear. It wasn't until middle school that he got to fully dress himself and develop his own personal flair. Rick Owns, Bottega Veneta and Louis Vuitton are some of the brands the pro baller currently favors.

Gillette recently tapped the well-groomed football pro to be a part of its NFL campaign, “Team Styled vs Team Smooth,” where athletes get to choose between the brand's King C. Master trimmer—which is great for lining up mustaches and beards—or its GilletteLabs exfoliating bar razor that leaves guys with a clean-shaven, smooth look. 

Here, Diggs shares with us the grooming products he uses on the daily.

Red by Kiss
Bow Wow X Twist King Luxury Twist Styler Washable and Durable Twist Brush
"Your look is everything in totality, from your fit to your accessories to your skin and hair. My barber, Muhamed, turned me on to this specific styling sponge. It gives my hair a nice final touch and helps to defines my cut," shares the

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Style Master Cordless Stubble Trimmer with 4D Blade
"My barber flies in whenever he can, but I need to keep my facial hair clean and sharp. I’m always on the road, and so I use the Style Master from King C. Gillette. It’s able to fit in my dop kit, and it does everything I need, all in one," says the Buffalo Bills wide receiver.

Price: $40

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Power Mist Rainwater Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Mist
"You know the saying, “cleanliness is next to Godliness,” and I truly believe that. I shake a lot of hands and I have to make sure to keep them clean. You know, my hands are important! When I discovered the Touchland Power Mist hand sanitizer, there was no turning back," shares Diggs. "I have these in every bag, in my car, everywhere. I like that it sanitizes my hands while also keeping them moisturized. The rainwater scent is my favorite and I love the overall aesthetic of the product."

Price: $10

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Glide Complete Floss Picks With Scope Outlast
"A while back, I received a lot of attention for flossing during a game. In game, I eat oranges and they always get stuck in my teeth. I am a big teeth guy and big on dental care," explains Diggs. "These are my favorite toothpicks! I keep them on me and on the sidelines. You have to keep your smile right, that’s self-care, for sure!"

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