The Chi-town rapper Vic Mensa is as multitalented as he is stylish. Over the years, his rocker style has given him a leg up within the fashion industry, prompting him to collab with fashion brands such as Alexander Wang, Ugg and Wolverine.

Recently, he just released new music, "Writing Exercise #3: Wraith," with his friend Chance The Rapper. He's also curating an art show about mental decolonization that's inspired by Fanon's seminal text Black Skin White Masks. The show runs from June 18, 2022 - August 13, 2022 at the Kavi Gupta Gallery in Chicago.

In between getting ready for his curatorial art debut, the multifaceted musician shared his 5 favorite grooming products with EBONY. Check out his list below. 

Image: courtesy of Humanrace 

"I've never really used many skincare products but Pharrell's Humanrace joint is ill."

Humanrace Routine Pack, $110,
Image: courtesy of Hanahanabeauty

"This shea butter is owned by a Black Ghanian woman from Chicago, and it makes lotion obsolete. It's for your skin but honestly it works on your hair too."

Hanahana Beauty Unscented Shea Body Butter, $28, 
Image: courtesy of Tom Ford 

"This is my favorite scent. I don't buy cologne much; but when I'm traveling internationally, I always look for Tom Ford Noir at duty-free." 

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Eau De Parfum, $140,
Image: courtesy of Dr. Bronner

"Hands down, this is my go-to. This soap has like a 100 uses. I use it in the shower and also to clean my SBs".

Dr. Bronner Pure-Castile Liquid Soap, $19, 
Image: courtesy of Softsheen-Carson 

"A classic. Ever since I started spinning, I keep that black and red bottle on me."

Softsheen-Carson Gel Pomade, $3,