Trinidad James is one of the flyest yet eccentric rappers around. He's a free spirit who is not afraid of pushing the envelope, whether it be his personal style, his hair or his laid-back bars.

Don't believe it? Just watch (his Tik Tok and Instagram videos, that is). The All Gold Everything artist has taken the platform by storm through his behind-the-scenes look into his salon visits. From showing his luscious locks courtesy of the power that is of Taraji P. Henson's haircare line, TPH by Taraji, to dazzling us with his assortment of bonnets and headscarves, Trinidad James' hair game is not to be played with. He is even making his way into the haircare world soon with his own line of hairbrushes.

Trinidad James shared his favorite go-to items that he uses to achieve everyday looks with EBONY. Take a look!

"Bonnets are my spiritual durags. I’ve upgraded to the bonnet-only stage. The beautiful thing about it is we designed these bonnets with a company out of LA. Much love to my Mexican sister @beedazzling_psycho" (Bonnets made upon request)

"This black brush by Pattern Beauty, Tracee Ellis Ross' company, is my favorite brush. It takes care of my hair while untangling after a wash."

Pattern Beauty Shower Brush, $17,
"This hair spray is from a Black-owned company out of Atlanta. It moisturizes the hair well. It’s newer for me but I appreciate it."

Static Mist Solidifying Spray $15,
This gold brush is a prototype for a brush James plans to release later next year.