David Marshall, also known as Dave Creative, is a creative director who's worked behind the scenes for notable brands like Cashapp, Atlantic Records, Roc Nation, J. Crew, and Burberry. Marshall is all about looking good even when he's "dressed down"—so it's no surprise that he takes care of his skin as well.

“I was lucky being the only child which I think allowed my mother to instill in me good hygiene care. I was never a just-wash-your-face-with-a-bar-soap type of guy. There were always Clinique skincare products and other prestige brands that she would have me use for my daily wash or dealing with pimples," shares Marshall. "I've also picked up skincare tips from the women that I've dated over the years. Some of the products that they've recommended have worked for my skin, so I've kept them in my rotation,"

Below, the creative director breaks down the skincare routine that he's gleaned from his mom and lady friends.

"The CeraVe Normal to Oily facial wash because I have naturally moderate oily skin. I like to workout and am on set for long hours or staring at the computer so in the morning or after a long day it serves as a perfect capstone to my routine."

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser (For Normal to Oily Skin), $15, ulta.com.
"I plucked this from the Fenty Beauty skincare set and use it as a toner."

Fenty Beauty Fat Water, $28, fentybeauty.com
"This radiance oil is just the perfect icing on the cake. All you need is one to two drops—it lasts all day!”

Eve Lom Radiance Face Oil, $80, revolve.com
"The day cream is great bc it’s really sunny in LA but dries so my face needs that proper attention."

Neutrogena Deep Moisture Day Cream with Broad Spectrum SPF 20, $11, bedbathandbeyond.com