One of the police officers fired in connection with the 2006 slaying of the soon-to-be-married Sean Bell sat down with NBC to talk about the case. Gescard Isnora says in the exclusive interview that he was “fed to the wolves” in regards to his dismissal from the force and that he’s come to terms with the death of Bell. “I’m not looking back, no apologies, no regrets,” he said. “I came to grips with what I did. I am able to sleep at night. I am here talking to you.”

Isnora was the officer who claimed that he heard one of Bell’s friends say, ‘”Go get my gun,” during an altercation in the parking lot of a Queens nightclub. The suspicion of a gun being present prompted the officers to fire 50 shots at the groom and his friends. With four shots to the neck and torso, the 23-year-old Bell died immediately, leaving behind a fiancé and two children.