Business owner Dana Hale took her daughter to a Saks Fifth Ave. in Michigan to spend some of her hard-earned coins during the holiday season.

After buying over six thousand dollars-worth of items from the store, a couple of clerks who seemed unable to fathom a Black woman could have so much money to blow in the high-end retail chain, called local police reports WXYZ 7.

Hale’s purchase of several Louis Vuitton items were processed without a hitch. But that didn’t prevent a store employee from crying fraud. After leaving her items with the cashier so she could continue shopping, Hale was approached by Troy, MI cops. Her 24-year-old daughter Paris recorded the encounter.

“Next thing I know police came. Troy Police. I said what? He said you and you, I need to talk to you,“ Hale told WXYZ 7.

“The name’s not matching on the card,” an officer can be heard saying in the video recorded by her daughter.

Dana used her business’ credit card to pay for part of the purchase.

“The card’s declined, the cop continued. “So we’re like okay. Then this is possibly credit card fraud.”

But Hale’s receipt showed otherwise. She told the local news station the incident was a clear case of profiling.

“They profiled me because I was in sweats,” she said. “Because I was black that they could just treat people any kind of way.”

Saks has given Hale a full refund and is allowing her to keep the products. But that isn’t deterring her from pursuing legal action.

“It’s really sad and I’m embarrassed,” she said. “They made me feel belittled. They made me feel harassed.  And it was intimidation that you called the police?”