Friends, readers, ladyfolk, I believe we are being trolled. I believe we are being trolled by major newspapers and fashion magazines through a series of willfully ignorant and low-key racist articles where they attempt to completely erase Black people from the very styles and trends that they created. They must be trolling us because I simply do not want to believe that these people are as utterly stupid as they are making themselves look.

It was just a hot minute ago that Vogue looked a damn fool by suggesting that big butts are a new trend. They were followed by the New York Times and later the whole "urban fabulous" baby hairs debacle.

Now, we have yet another major newspaper showing its ass. In a roundup of fall hair trends, the Los Angeles Times wrote a blurb about cornrows without mentioning a single Black woman. You think they would have learned their lesson the first time around when Marie Claire was dragged for tweeting that Kendall Jenner was taking "bold braids to an epic new level."

Truly, it's almost too stupid to believe that this is happening again. I won't even insult your intelligence by explaining that Black people have been wearing cornrows pretty much since we figured out we had hair because you are a person with eyes.

The very first—VERY FIRST—line of the article reads: "Move over, Bo Derek."

Yes, the first person that Ingrid Schmidt of the Los Angeles Times thinks of when she thinks of cornrows is a White lady. Crediting Bo Derek in an article about cornrows is literally the exact same joke that was made when Black Twitter went in on Vogue for their "big butts are a trend now" story.