A Pennsylvania judge ruled Thursday that five more of Bill Cosby’s accusers will have the option of testifying against him during his retrial for drug and molestation charges brought forth by Andrea Constand.

NBC reports that Andrew Wyatt, a spokesman for the actor and comedian, downplayed the significance of the decision.

“It shows how desperate they [prosecutors] are, and this is a very weak case,” he said in a text message. “Mr. Cosby is innocent of these charges.”

But William Brennan, a prominent Philadelphia criminal defense attorney, told NBC the decision is devastating for the defense.

“It’s the iceberg to the Titanic,” he said. “It seems like the trifecta of bad luck for Mr. Cosby.”

The 80-year-old has been accused by several women of a number of sexual misdeeds since the scandal became a public controversy in 2015.

The allegations have been denied on several occasions, with Cosby and his defense arguing the encounters were consensual.

At his first trial, prosecutors sought to bring to the stand 13 additional accusers, not counting Constand, to prove to the jury a pattern of behavior. A Montgomery County judge allowed only one extra accuser, Kelley Johnson, to testify.

The jury deadlocked, resulting in the judge declaring a mistrial. The retrial begins next month.