Courtney B. Vance’s one wish this Black History Month is for the Black community to delve deeper into its history.

The actor, who was nominated for a Best Spoken Word Album Grammy for Accessory to War, spoke to EBONY on the red carpet of the 61st Annual Grammy Awards ceremony Sunday and said there are Black figures many people do not know about.

“I want us to know about us,” the Emmy and Tony winner said. “There’s so many of us that were impactful in Black life throughout the ages that we know nothing about. In the information age, we know less and less.”

Vance also opined that people tend to look for information but rarely go past the first page on Google. “My mother was a librarian for 30 years. We grew up in the library; the Dewey Decimal System was our best friend.”

The actor added, “I wish people would just read and research, and find out how great African-Americans are. Our people changed lives.”

Vance, who’s the husband of the incomparable actress Angela Bassett, said he’s able to tap into particular roles because he’s a storyteller and that he mostly takes in literature through audio books.