CDC may change definition of "fully vaccinated"

As the push for a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine continues, it appears that the CDC may eventually alter the definition of "fully vaccinated." According to a report by The Altantic's Katherine J. Wu, a CDC representative said that the agency “may change [the] definition in the future." The revelation comes after the medical experts have rallied for the agency to alter the definition of fully vaccinated to include COVID-19 boosters.

Study Finds Full Vaccination Paired With Breakthrough Infection May Establish "Super Immunity"

In other COVID news, a new study out of Oregon suggests that full vaccination paired with a breakthrough infection can provide a form of protection against the coronavirus that the authors of the study call "super immunity," USA Today reports. "The bottom line of the study is that vaccine provides you with foundational immunity for whatever comes next," explained Fikadu Tafesse, professor of molecular microbiology and immunology in the Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine. The study compared the antibodies of fully vaccinated people who have had COVID with those of fully vaccinated people who never contracted the virus. Those who sustained breakthrough infections demonstrated a substantial increase in antibodies.

Suspect pleads not guilty to Jacqueline Avant shooting charges

Aariel Maynor, the suspect charged in the fatal shooting of Jacqueline Avant, pleaded not guilty to murder charges Thursday, CBSN Los Angeles reports. Maynor was tracked down by police after shooting himself in the foot at the scene of a separate home invasion.

Louisiana judge on unpaid leave after she is recorded using the N-word

Michelle Odinet, a Louisiana judge, is on unpaid leave after footage of her allegedly using the N-word made its rounds on the internet, ABC News reports. The video was recorded from inside of Odinet's home as she and others reviewed footage of a Black man being apprehended by police after allegedly trying to break into her residence. "We have a n-----. It's a n-----, like a roach." a voice identified as Odinet's says in the clip. While the judge cannot be seen in the video, she has confirmed that it is her voice heard in the background.

Biden to address Dec. graduates of South Carolina State University

President Joe Biden addressed graduates of South Carolina State University for their December commencement ceremony, the Associated Press reports. During his speech, he vowed to do more to push forward police reform and voting rights legislative efforts, which have stalled in recent months.