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Name: Kasmir Jones alias Poetic

Age: 20

Where you live/From: New Jersey native, but currently reside in Charlotte, NC

Occupation: Entrepenuer and multi-faceted artist

Social/Website: Twitter – Instagram – –


Bio: Kasmir Jones, known as Poetic, is a 20-year-old self-taught multi-faceted artist that specializes in art, design, marketing, media, music, photography, film and curates and creates content for the culture. She is currently a full-time creative and entreprenuer and plans to move to New York soon for school to study fashion design, but to also launch her career in its’ entirety.

Poetic is currently employed at LÉTE Magazine and during her time there she has curated a plethora of mixes that agree with the publication’s taste in culture.  In addition, she is the Founder and Creative Director of the upcoming digital and print publication of The Culture Shift. The Culture Shift is dedicated to the arts, music, and culture of African Americans. Her vision for The Culture Shift is not only to be just another magazine for the culture, but a platform for Black artists of all mediums to showcase their talents and to also pay homage to the African heritage and underground scenes.

In the near future, Poetic plans to create a skin care line for women of color.


EBONY: Can you give a little insight/background on the inspiration behind your photography and graphic design work?

Poetic: With both my photography and designing work, my inspiration can legit stem from anything. Whether that be from watching films, looking at blogs, walking outside, or even eating a specific food. When inspiration hits, I have to go create at that moment what I see. So, I guess you can say I get my inspiration from life and nature. I get inspiration from life experiences, love, interactions with other people, and even my anxiety. You’d be surprised at the beauty you create when you’re stressed, hurting, or broken. Sometimes pain breeds life’s greatest masterpieces. The work I create will always reflect pieces of myself. Some people live to create, but I create to live. My art has brought me and kept me sane during difficult times, and of course with the help of the supreme being, God himself. Life experiences keep me evolving. I am a constant blossom and a wonder looking for a place to happen.


EBONY: What are your personal goals? 


  • Maintain internal peace
  • Change the world/Inspire others
  • Live Comfortably/Be a millionaire/Travel around the world
  • Continue to evolve and flourish in my career
  • Take care of my family and those close to me

fela boundless

EBONY: What are 5 things people don’t know about you? 


  • I’m dropping an EP in 2017
  • I hate watermelon and collard greens
  • I’m ambidextrous
  • I’m a preachers kid
  • When I eat a pack of m&m’s, I separate them by color and give each one an emotion, I eat the emotions from bad to good lmao



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