Someone, please get a script in front of actor Cuba Gooding Jr., because clearly without one, he goes completely cray with his words and actions.

During the Paleyfest, where he was promoting American Horror Story: Roanoke, the 49-year-old entertainer invited himself to see what was under fellow actress Sarah Paulson’s skirt while they were on stage.

Bruuuuh. Whasreallygood?

Paulson, who co-starred in the award-winning The People vs. O.J. Simpson, didn’t slug him with a one-two combo. Instead, she kinda laughed about the situation and kept the work flowing, snapping pictures with her cast mates.

She may have given him a few choice words, offstage, who knows. But, Gooding’s behavior was gross and hella disrespectful.

As it seems, unfortunately acts as such have become a growing part of his repertoire.

In 2016, during his “Wild Coyote” moment at a bar in Santa Monica, he made a vulgar pass on a patron and she left the bar in “disgust.”

And then, there was the guy’s trip in Miami, where a woman said she felt “really uncomfortable” after Gooding “kept grabbing beers and kissing [her] sunburn.

Prior to that, he was fighting off reports that he allegedly sexually harassed and groped several women in a New Mexico bar. Β He called the allegations, “bullsh*t.”

We’re not sure what’s going on with Gooding, but if this is his way of “letting off steam” and partying… the treatment of women is not cool and needs to be checked.

Social media, of course weighed in with their thoughts on the recent situation.