When you combine empowerment and support with revered fashion and style for women battling breast cancer, you get CureDiva.com. It’s the only extensive online solutions site for women coping with Breast Cancer and beyond. With one out of eight women suffering from the disease, their mission focuses on helping women at every phase deal with all of their lifestyle needs. CureDiva offers a personable social shopping experience which attempts to revolutionize their femininity and give “the Divas” their self-esteem back. 

The site is tailored to offer real life solutions to women’s problems, according to her particular phase of breast cancer treatment. If you just want to shop for comfort and style, CureDiva has that covered too. Whether you only need a flattering wig or something more pressing like radiotherapy wraps, it’s all just a click away. More notably, CureDiva creates a community for cancer patients and survivors to talk to one another on a personal level through forum discussions, a “do and don’t” listing, recommendations and tips entries.

While co-founders and creators Ester Gofer and Efrat Roman may not have found the cure to breast cancer, they’ve certainly created a timeless solution to ease the process of their fellow breast cancer survivors and patients during one of the most difficult times in their lives.