My name is Nikki Walton.  I’m the creator of, the author of the best selling book, ‘Better Than Good Hair’ and a licensed psychotherapist.  My blog, CN, is a positive, inclusive platform that provides education, entertainment and inspiration for those who have chosen to rock their hair natural or are thinking about going natural in a world where straight hair is supposed to be the standard of beauty. I travel the world as a natural hair and healthy lifestyle advocate. While I do promote natural hair, you won’t find any anti-weave, anti-relaxer, or anti-straight hair rhetoric anywhere on my site.  My motto is, ‘do you booboo’. Our mission at is to provide women with healthy hair and lifestyle options so that they can achieve versatility, high self-esteem and a better quality of life.

When I started my blog (2008) I would meet with a handful of readers at local restaurants and lounges to swap products and have 'girls' night'. I would then post these pics on the blog. In 2009, women in the CurlyNikki community began hosting little "CN meetups" in their local town. These events were usually at lounges and restaurants and the readers would meet and swap products with the Natural sistas in their city.  They would send me pics and I would gladly post them.  About three years ago, I took this idea and totally fabbed it out.  I began to travel around the country and host free meet-ups in posh lounges and such.  Then, the craziest thing happened.  First, dozens and then hundreds of women began showing up and showing out. Now bloggers, brands, and GDI's are hosting "Natural Hair Meetups" all over the country.  In fact, I bet if you look hard enough you'll find a 'natural hair meet-up' in your town!  If you do…get thy butt to it immediately!

Pretty soon, I began receiving emails from curlies all over the world wanting meetups in their country or wanting my help in promoting their community and service based initiatives.  I also found that often, curly women in other countries had trouble getting access to natural hair products.  So I decided to take the show to Greece, Brazil, Japan and Spain.  I would convince brands to donate some products and show up with a smile.  I found that these women were just like curly women in the U.S., full of love, hope and great potential.

Now I'm hoping to bring attention to our sisters in yet another part of the curly globe. We’re heading to Cape Town, South Africa! #CurliesWorldwide #NappyUnited #OneCurlOrder #Shesyourqueentobee…

I've planned a fun, fabulous and educational trip for us and I truly hope you'll join me.  Please stay tuned for plenty of pictures, amazing content, great giveaways, and even a few special guests!  This trip is going to be everything, y’all. I've reached out to my friends at and together we hope to build a platform to connect with our sisters.  I encourage everyone… bloggers, lurkers, individuals, to reach out and engage with our African Sisters through the comments sections of both and

We want to hear your voices, so don't hesitate to share the culture and curls we’re bringing to you from Cape Town. Stay tuned.