Looking for leather? We found it. Want a fancy, multimedia jacket? There is an app…um, an option for that. Dying to splurge? Need to save a pretty penny? We found the best of the best. 

A few tips to use when you are shopping for your coat: 

Check for Fit: When you are coat shopping,  make sure you try the coat on with a sweater or top you'd wear in the winter to ensure the right fit. In addition, while you have it on, cross your arms over your chest to test the comfort.

Peep the Construction:  Look at the finishing on the seams, the zippers, reinforced buttons, and the type of lining of the coat. The better the construction here, the longer your coat will last you and the better your coat will serve its purpose.

Consider the Fabric: Pick one that offers the durability and functionality you need. Leather can get wet, but you don't want it getting soaked daily; suede needs to stay dry. Certain poly blends are weatherproof, while others will soak you to the bone in a storm.

Now get out the credit card, and let's start shopping.

-Marie Denee