On the next episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life,  life coach Iyanla Vanzant works with Malorie and Cynthia Bailey from Real Housewives of Atlanta. Since the moment her husband walked out, Malorie’s life has unraveled, causing her to experience a full-blown identity crisis—and her perception as “Cynthia’s sister” is only making it worse.

Vanzant first warns women against marrying someone for their potential rather than what they represent in the moment, using Malorie’s marriage as an example.

The author and inspirational speaker also dives into issues the Bailey family have been trying to conquer for generations.

Vanzant also explores Malorie’s feelings about living in model Cynthia’s shadow and how it’s affected other parts of her life.

This episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life airs Saturday, Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. EST on OWN.