Nene Leakes recently took to Instagram Live to confirm rumors she's distanced herself from several of her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars, including former good friend Cynthia Bailey, who she called "sneaky" and "underhanded."

“As far as Cynthia is concerned, you’re gonna have to watch the finale to see what it is that she does," Leakes says in reference to the Season 11 reunion.
"Going a step further, you guys only see a very small part of our lives. Cynthia has done a lot of stuff in my opinion on the down low, and very sneaky and underhanded. I’m just telling you the truth… She has done a lot of stuff that you all just don’t get to see on the show that’s underhanded and I always come out looking like the bad guy."

She went on to say she now realizes that Bailey and the other "housewives" are nothing more than co-workers.

"I don’t have no hate in my heart for Cynthia. We are coworkers from this day forward. I don’t have any reason to not speak to her. I’m happy to speak to her. But anything else further than that, it’s not gonna happen. We are coworkers. After 11 seasons, I finally realized that these girls are my coworkers.”

Hear it straight from Leakes herself below.

Bailey has since responded to the boutique owner's criticism, telling Page Six she believes the two of them will be able to work things out.

“I’ve always been a friend to her, and if she’s really my girl like she’s claimed to be my girl then we could get past this,” Bailey said. “But I noticed she was wearing my eyewear, though, so I need to tag Cynthia Bailey eyewear. I appreciate that. It’s good when we support each other even when we’re mad at each other.”

Leakes also addressed speculation that she was physically aggressive with pregnant cast matePorsha Williams, which she denied.