D.L. Hughley is opening up to fans about a very private matter many of them had no idea ever happened: The comedian recently shared on Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast that he lost a son conceived after cheating on his wife.

During the podcast, the stand-up revealed that his infant son was killed by the mother’s boyfriend, forcing him to cope with the heartbreak of losing a child while also handling the guilt of stepping out on his wife.

“I had knocked this chick up and had the baby, and the baby got killed by her boyfriend,” 54-year-old Hughley detailed. “It was a horrible, horrible experience. I had this baby that I’m paying for. I’m a boy, I was scared, I was married. I was just starting out my career.”

“I get a call from my boy and he says, ‘Your son is in the hospital.’ So, I go to the hospital and this boy was laying on the bed. Apparently, her boyfriend had shaken him and damaged his brain.”

The actor admittedly kept the news from his wife for years, and was met with understanding when he finally fessed up.

“Finally, one day I tell my wife and you know what she said to me? ‘I wish you would have told me this and we could’ve went through this together.”

Check out a snippet of the podcast below.