Comedian D.L. Hughley appeared on Sunday night’s episode of Profilea weekly Facebook interview show by Buzzfeed News, and criticized women for continuing to support powerful men accused of sexual misconduct such as Bill Cosby, President Donald Trump and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Hughley said the Me Too movement, founded by EBONY Power 100 Honoree Tarana Burke, is thriving and means well but admits it feels “disingenuous” because of how women supporters go to bat for these powerful men. He used Trump as an example saying, “when you consider that 52 percent of White women voted for a man they believe to be a sexual predator.”

He continued, “Men have done horrible things. I’ve never been more ashamed of being a man than I have in the last few weeks but I’ve been taken aback by women. It isn’t that men don’t believe women it’s that women don’t believe women.”

For the movement to make the change it is seeking Hughley believes, “Women will do better when they start believing in themselves.”

The D.L. Hughley show host said that women should have a “level of compassion” for other women because they’re being used as pawns to forward the agenda of powerful men, specifically White men who remain in power.

This isn’t the first time Hughley spoke about the Me Too movement. In September, following Cosby’s three-10 year sentence for sexual assault, he said all famous predators to should see jail time. “If we’re gonna convict sexual predators to the pen, shouldn’t we convict them all?” he wrote on Twitter.

Hughley also addressed the Me Too movement and the Cosby sexual assault scandal on his Netflix standup comedy specialContrarian. The funnyman said the disgraced Cosby Show star should start a #YallToo movement to get Roman Polanski and Harvey Weinstein locked up too.

He also doesn’t regret making any jokes that can be perceived to be inappropriate in such a politically sensitive climate.