D.L. Hughley took a little time this week to show love for Black women who have opted out of surgically enhancing their bodies.

The comedian shared a post via Instagram praising those who embrace their natural selves, reading, “Shout out all the BLACK women who didn’t have to pay for surgery to look like a BLACK woman.”

Hughley doubled down on this sentiment with his caption, “We love you JUST the way you are ??? Where my brothas at that love a #natural woman?? #TeamDL #blackgirlmagic #naturalwoman #melanin #melaninpoppin #carameldrizzle #sistas #blackwomen.”

Hughley also took to Instagram recently in defense of Kevin Hart, supporting his decision to step down as host of the 2019 Oscars ceremony after receiving backlash from 2012 tweets.

“So let me get this straight, a comedian tells a joke that offends people and refuses to apologize, and people want to know what I think of that,” the original King of Comedy said. “F**k em, if they can’t take a joke. Well played Kevin Hart that is how it’s done.